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Neapolis Balfolk

Social Promotion Association

Who we are?

Our passion comes from our interest in the cultures and traditions of folk dances from all over Europe. Thousands of people from many countries travel to participate in the increasingly numerous Balfolk festivals with live concerts, workshops and lots of conviviality and sharing. A fantastic world that we would like to share here in our city with those who love dance and want something new.

Our desire is to share the knowledge acquired during the years and the experiences around european festivals by offering basic teaching of French and non-French dances. Neapolis Balfolk association was born in 2018. An association of enthusiasts who believe in what they do and work to share the pleasure of dancing not just one dance but many and different from each other, sweet, fast, slow, energetic, fun, groups, couples, a dense and interesting panorama that can satisfy different tastes and needs.


Some members of the organization team  on the 2023 birthday of the Association, with the Viorels


Our Balfolk meetings in the Galleria Principe di Napoli on Wednesdays


Balfolk meetings in Caserta, in Piazza Vanvitelli

Our meetings

Our meetings went through various locations in the city, the Balfolk course was born first in social spaces such as Zero81, and then continued at Scugnizzo Liberato, then we collaborated with Spazio LEM. Currently the weekly meetings, from October to June, are held at the Galleria Principe di Napoli, in the spaces in front of GalleriArt, with which we collaborate. The concerts and stages instead take place in the Sala Armonia Cordium in Piazza Museo (Naples), in front of the MANN.

In addition, Neapolis Balfolk also organizes the "Percorsi di Balfolk a Caserta", a further opportunity to share our dances, in collaboration with the yoga center L'Arnia. The meetings take place from October to May, but also during the summer there are opportunities to "revise" the dances, with meetings in the square or on the terrace of the yoga center. Some of our concerts are held on the same terrace, in the period from May to September.

Our first festival

In 2023, Neapolis Balfolk organizes the first Balfolk festival in Campania: NAIF!

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